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Learning to Program in Minecraft with turtles

The TL:DR version to start programming with turtles as of October 2016. If you like visual steps, watch this video or this video. Buy/Download plain ol' Minecraft on Download the free mod (click "I'm a teacher") Download Minecraft...

LARP in school, Not Just Gen Con

Call me Jeffery Baker. I'm a coal baron in the United States circa 1874. Along with my good buddy David Montgomery (and real life good friend Steve Isaacs) who owns most of the railroads, are at a wedding reception in Long Island, NY for the wedding reception of Jacob...

Using Minecraft to Teach Programming to 6th graders

Using Minecraft to Teach Programming to 6th graders

"Learning to program is more fun when you can't wait to see it run." -Unintentional rhyme by student Using the free mod ComputerCraftEDU, my 6th grade students gave instructions to their "turtle", asking it to build them a house. My gameplan: Minimum house dimensions...

2040: What will edu look like?

Below is a creative writing excercise in response to the prompt "What will education look like in 2040, and how will museums play a role?" 3:29pm, March 14th, 2040 AD “My first and likely last journal entry on a Qwerty keyboard” I turn 28 in 15 days. Dad helpfully...