Posts made in October, 2015

Virtual Reality in School

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The school year barely underway, we’ve already set a new #WorldsFirst. Rockettech students were the first students in the world to experience the HTC Vive virtual reality system. As part of a research study with foundry10, my students and I hope to help other educators around the world discover some “best practices” for how to utilize various VR systems. How we are using VR in School Computer Programming: We are creating VR experiences in Unity to test on two platforms, Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard. There are limited tutorials out there for VR specific, but we’re...

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Minecraft in School – Programming with Turtles

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As part of a partnership with BGSU’s Mark Stevens, Pandora-Gilboa students have been learning programming fundamentals on a BGSU MineCraftEdu server. They program the turtle, equip it with materials, then set it off! Students houses being built by their turtles: Each student begins by making a blueprint of their house on graph paper, including top and side views. They are given a choice of how difficult to make their house, and out of what materials. There is no maximum size, and only a minimum size of 6(w)x6(l)x4(h). To prepare a building area, I use the teacher menu’s...

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