Learning to Program in Minecraft with turtles

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The TL:DR version to start programming with turtles as of October 2016. If you like visual steps, watch this video or this video.

  1. Buy/Download plain ol’ Minecraft on minecraft.net
  2. Download the free Computercraftedu.com mod (click “I’m a teacher”)
  3. Download Minecraft Forge 1.89 or higher (requires a Java runtime environment, which you may already have, but here’s the link if not.)
  4. Watch my turtle tutorial playlist

Minefaire 2016 – ComputerCraftEDU by Joel Levin!

My next goal is to get some Surfaces in the classroom so my high school students can visit the middle school to teach them programming in Minecraft. We’ve already submitted a session to the Ohio Education Technology Conference to demo how we teach programming in Minecraft, fingers crossed.

Minecraft on Surface photo by new.microsoft.com

Minecraft on Surface
photo by new.microsoft.com

Want to learn more programming?

“Learn Python The Hard Way” entire ebook for free.

Programming for Everybody (Getting Started With Python)” free University of Michigan course online. I recommend using Notepad++ rather than their web-based coding tool, for reliability, code hinting, and saving your scripts.

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