Why We Need More Ignite Talks and Less Software Training in High School

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“Why do we have to give a speech during a Microsoft Office class?” – Disgruntled Student “Software changes too fast. Let’s learn something you’ll use your whole life, like how to talk about something you care about in a clear, concise way.” – Me. “Enlighten us, but make it quick.” An Ignite talk is exactly 5 minutes long…20 slides auto rotated every 15 seconds. The presenter can’t slow it down or speed it up. It’s more difficult than a “death by PowerPoint” type talk that aides the presenter with bullet...

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LARP in school, Not Just Gen Con

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Call me Jeffery Baker. I’m a coal baron in the United States circa 1874. Along with my good buddy David Montgomery (and real life good friend Steve Isaacs) who owns most of the railroads, are at a wedding reception in Long Island, NY for the wedding reception of Jacob Tyler (TX redneck cattleman) and Paulette Bonnet (cultured French ballet dancer). In August at the world’s largest gaming convention, Gen Con in Indianapolis, I took my first plunge into what some may consider the deepest level of nerddom, I LARP’d. Live Action Role Play is sometimes mocked, like in the...

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Minecraft in School – Programming with Turtles

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As part of a partnership with BGSU’s Mark Stevens, Pandora-Gilboa students have been learning programming fundamentals on a BGSU MineCraftEdu server. They program the turtle, equip it with materials, then set it off! Students houses being built by their turtles: Each student begins by making a blueprint of their house on graph paper, including top and side views. They are given a choice of how difficult to make their house, and out of what materials. There is no maximum size, and only a minimum size of 6(w)x6(l)x4(h). To prepare a building area, I use the teacher menu’s...

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