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A force to be reckoned with.
Grit 9…a force to be reckoned with.

We finally have a name, we are “Grit 9 Design”.

Grit9 came out of many iterations and consults with trusted peers, former students, colleagues, and other business owners. We even utilized the pros-in-the-classroom services of Nepris, who hooked us up with Colin Dwan, owner of Prologue Games, to help us choose a good name.

Why the name Grit9?

Ultimately, it came down to being simple, memorable, and having an available domain, The term “grit” is somewhat of a buzzword, which was actually a detriment, but the word “perseverance” was too long. The runners up were “”, “”, and even “”. There were lots of good student suggestions, many of which stemmed from the school name and mascot Elida High School, and “Bulldogs”. We opted to create our own brand, one that would feel more “from scratch”. We have aspirations that are actually right in line with our schools’, (Just last week, my principal sent an email to staff about building the right CULTURE despite the pressures of testing, love it!) but we wanted to do it all ourselves.

Now the Fun Really Begins

The gas pedal is down:

Logo Design

We tried our hand at designing our logo, and being a design company, you’d think we’d be better at it. We had lots of ideas and drawing that were “good” but nothing that said “whoah, these guys are legit.” So we enlisted two pros on I searched “logo design” and picked 2 designers, and got the following logo design specs. One cost $5, one cost $10, plus a few bucks in fees = $17. Do you have a favorite? We do, not telling until we get our revisions back (included in the $17).


Elected Positions


They're kind of a big deal.
They’re kind of a big deal.

From left to right: Kennedy – social media, Jency – blogger, Evan – President, Chelsey – Secretary, Dakota – VP, Kylie – Treasurer.

Each group meeting of Grit9, they each give a brief, fast-paced report of what they’ve done and what they will do next. I report as well on next steps for the club and the individuals. I’m experimenting with making the WordPress certification simply a series of lessons in Classflow, so I can track who is where in the process, and assist as necessary.certification

We hold more “officers” meeting than group meetings. This is when the most work gets done. We’ve been reviewing the logos, making phone calls to Chambers of Commerce (speakerphone to demo friendly yet professional phone skills, they know they’ll need to be doing this soon too), and refining certification processes. We now have a board to identify who is ready for what responsibilities.

Next Steps

Our action steps are now:

And so begins the revolution. We have entered the fray.

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  1. Such a detailed post, I’ve enjoyed keeping up with the progress of the new Tech Club. I am a fan of the last Grit9 logo from Fiverr. I have gigs on Fiverr and is a great resource if you ever need to outsource work if necessary. Fiverr makes my operations smooth as I have a bigger team if I need one. Anxious to watch the Tech Club progress through the years and see the success of your students!

  2. This is amazing work. Kudos! You have given me a lot of great ideas. Thanks for sharing!
    We are starting our edcorp PantherPressDesign.
    Going to be offering student art, sublimated on products and raising awareness for ALS.

    1. You should contact us! We’d love to see what you are up to with your students. You can reach out directly through our new company website,

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