Mark Suter

Building a Business in the Classroom Part 3: Grit9 Emerges

We finally have a name, we are “Grit 9 Design”. Grit9 came out of many iterations and consults with trusted peers, former students, colleagues, and other business owners. We even utilized the pros-in-the-classroom services of Nepris, who hooked us up with Colin Dwan, owner of Prologue Games, to help us choose a good name. Why the […]

Building a Business in the Classroom Part 2: The Plan

Our entrepreneurial club’s identity is being formed.  We actually are not even a club, we’re an EdCorp, (created by the twitch-inducing minds at Real World Scholars) which is defined as : EdCorp: Education Corporation – a web ­based, student ­run business that operates out of a K-­12 classroom as a way to foster real world skills. As […]

LARP in school, Not Just Gen Con

Call me Jeffery Baker. I’m a coal baron in the United States circa 1874. Along with my good buddy David Montgomery (and real life good friend Steve Isaacs) who owns most of the railroads, are at a wedding reception in Long Island, NY for the wedding reception of Jacob Tyler (TX redneck cattleman) and Paulette […]