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Building a Business in the Classroom Part 3: Grit9 Emerges

Posted by on Monday, October 31, 2016 in edcorps, grit9 | 3 comments

We finally have a name, we are “Grit 9 Design”. Grit9 came out of many iterations and consults with trusted peers, former students, colleagues, and other business owners. We even utilized the pros-in-the-classroom services of Nepris, who hooked us up with Colin Dwan,¬†owner of Prologue Games, to help us choose a good name. Why the name Grit9? Ultimately, it came down to being simple, memorable, and having an available domain, The term “grit” is somewhat of a buzzword, which was actually a detriment, but the word “perseverance” was too long. The...

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Learning to Program in Minecraft with turtles

Posted by on Saturday, October 15, 2016 in Minecraft | 0 comments

The TL:DR version to start programming with turtles as of October 2016. If you like visual steps, watch this video¬†or this video. Buy/Download plain ol’ Minecraft on Download the free mod (click “I’m a teacher”) Download Minecraft Forge 1.89 or higher (requires a Java runtime environment, which you may already have, but here’s the link if not.) Watch my turtle tutorial playlist My next goal is to get some Surfaces in the classroom so my high school students can visit the middle school to teach them programming in Minecraft....

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