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Mark Suter

Musings on teaching computer technology to high school students


2040: What will edu look like?

Below is a creative writing excercise in response to the prompt "What will education look like in 2040, and how will museums play a role?" 3:29pm, March 14th, 2040 AD “My first and likely last journal entry on a Qwerty keyboard” I turn 28 in 15 days. Dad helpfully...

Virtual Reality in School

The school year barely underway, we've already set a new #WorldsFirst. Rockettech students were the first students in the world to experience the HTC Vive virtual reality system. As part of a research study with foundry10, my students and I hope to help other...

Minecraft in School – Programming with Turtles

As part of a partnership with BGSU's Mark Stevens, Pandora-Gilboa students have been learning programming fundamentals on a BGSU MineCraftEdu server. They program the turtle, equip it with materials, then set it off! Students houses being built by their turtles: Each...

Always a student, sometimes a teacher.

Mark Suter

Mark Suter

I teach high school game design, programming, and entrepreneurship ( in Ohio.

I’m always looking for guest speakers for my classes!